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Laying The Foundation

Derek Prince

A building can only go as far as its foundation will allow. Although many of us desire to build a magnificient christian life,  our foundation is so shallow that we find our faith shaken and sometimes crumbled down whenever there is a life's storm.

In these videos, Derek Prince takes us step by step through the process of laying solid, scriptural foundation for building of a stable and successful Christian life.

Part 1 -Founded on the Rock

Part 2 - Authority & Power of God's Word

Part 3 -Through Repentance to Faith

Part 4 - Faith & Works

Part 5 - Immersion in water

Part 6 - Immersion in the Spirit

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Part 7 - Transmitting God's Power

Part 8 - At the end of time

Part 9 - Resurrection of the body

Part 10 - Final Judgement

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