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Fundamental Doctrines Of The Christian Faith.


Uploaded: April 2023

Are you perplex by the many divergent views on key fundamentals of the Christian Faith?

In this audiobook written by as many as sixty four men of God in the 1900s and editted by R. A. Torrey (a renowned educator, pastor, world evangelist and author), you will learn robust defense against many heresies of our days and fortify yourself with true Biblical teachings on key doctines of the Christain faith such as: the inspiration of the Bible, Christian conception of God, the deity of Christ, the atonement, the new birth, the existence of personal devil and literal hell etc.

Although written in the 1900s, the truths presented in this audiobook is as relevant and fundamental in our days as they were in those days if not more; for our Lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever -Heb. 13:8. 

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