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Derek Prince

The concept of atonement is both deep and enlightening, yet in our modern world and especially among christians, its significance remains ambiguous.

In these series of videos, Derek Prince takes us step by step through the process of discovering the true biblical meanings of atonement and salvation, revealing the profound implications of Christ's sacrificial death for all who believe in Him and guide us into how to appropriate all that Christ has made available for us through His atoning death.

This is a much watch if you desire to enter into all that God has to offer you.

Part 1 - One All-Sufficient Sacrifice

Part 2 - A Divinely Ordained Exchange

Part 3 - Sin vs. Righteousness

Part 4 - Curse vs. Blessing

Part 5 - Poverty vs. Abun dance

Part 6 - Rejection vs. Acceptance

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Part 7 - Deliverance From This Present Age

Part 8 - Deliverance From the World

Part 9 - From Legal to Experiential

Part 10 - Liberation Through Confession

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